Tips for fitting Practice into your busy schedule

With all the amazing activities that our students participate in, the most common issue I hear is , "I was so busy that I didn't have time to practice."  Having a busy schedule is great if you can maximize your time.  Here are tips that will actually decrease time spent on homework and allow for practice time.

1.  Put Practice time into a daily schedule

Think of all the things we do on a daily schedule, get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, go to school, get home, have a snack, do homework.  Even if you've not written it out, you have a clear schedule that you follow everyday.  Write your schedule out and include practice time.  Put it where it will work for you.  Some of our students have had success practicing before school, others before bed.  Find a time that works for you and stick to it.

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2.  Use Practice as a break from your studies
Studies have shown that the human brain begins to slow down how fast it is computing information after 45 minutes.  Put your study time in 45 minute blocks with practice in between (practice can even be short since you will be back in 45 minutes).  For example, 45 minutes of math homework, 10 minutes of scales on your instrument, 45 minutes of language arts, 15 minutes working on your recital song, 45 minutes of Social Studies, 5 minutes of fun play on your instrument.  You will find that your student will actually get his/her homework done quicker because walking away from it and then returning, will allow the brain the rest it needs to be working at optimum capacity.

3. Create a Practice Space/Sanctuary
Find an area of your home that can be used specifically for practice.  Preferably this area is a quiet area where the student is not distracted by tv, doorbell or phone ringing, game systems, etc.  Also have your student help you decorate that area so they own it and want to be there.  Remind them that this is their special place and make it fun to be there. 
 Many of you have other tips that have worked for you.  Please share your tips and tricks on our Facebook Page.  This way we can be a community that is helping one another.  I look forward to seeing our students perform in the upcoming events.  Also be on the look out for some exciting summer camps this year.
Rock on,

Shawna Morby
Morbyus Music