What ukulele should I buy?

You can definitely go too cheap when purchasing a ukulele because their are so many toys out there. The good news is that there are some really well made, quality soprano ukuleles at affordable prices.

If you are searching for a soprano ukulele, I recommend the following because they have a great tone quality, are well made, come with some of the accessories that you need in a all in one package!

The Kala Ukulele is a stunning looking one with an unfinished light mahogany wood. It comes with the case, strings and a few other accessories so you are set from the get go. It has a great tone quality and is easy to play.

The Luna ukulele is a fun one, with an etched in Tattoo design to make it an attractive one. But the etching, doesn't take away from the tone quality or playability of the instrument. This is one that will get some attention when you travel with your ukulele because it is so cool!

Cordoba instruments are well made, and they make a variety of string instruments, all with superior tone quality. The tone is sweet and soft with a lasting tone. Cordoba instruments are becoming one of my favorite brands, because each one I've played has really impressed me with the quality of the sound for the money.

There are certainly lots of options out there and one could really go crazy finding the perfect instrument but if you are just beginning you wont know what the perfect instrument is anyway so we narrowed it down for you. Any of these would be an excellent ukulele that you will most certainly be proud to have.

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