What pick should I pick?

Really? A post about picks?
written by Shawna Morby

Hey, you’d be surprised how often we are asked about picks or have to guide our students to choose the right pick. You can go crazy searching for the perfect pick material, thickness, or shape. There are so many different reasons to use different picks that it could be put into a book. But who has time for that?

We like to keep things simple so we suggest you choose one of the following

Dunlop Tortex Standard 1.14mm Purple Guitar Picks 12 pack
This is a thick pick as our guitar instructors have recommended but it is made of a material that is resistant to sweating and slipping. It seems to be easier to hold so it would be good for beginners. Surprisingly, it is somewhat difficult to hold the pick in your hand for an entire song, without dropping it, when you are just beginning. If feels uncomfortable and you either grip it too tightly or not enough and it falls. Lets hope it doesn’t fall in the sound hole because that is a whole nother blog on how to remove a pick from the sound hole!

Fender Premium Picks Sampler pack
If you are the type of person why likes to “try it myself” then this package is for you. It comes with the three basic sizes and varies in color. Also, there are ALOT of them in this pack so if you lose one (and you will because picks have invisible little feet and they get up and walk away from you), you’ll have plenty to spare. Also you have the different sizes so if a friend is over and he/she prefers a thin pick, you could just let them borrow one from you.

BoloPick Felt Pick for Ukulele 6 pack
The ukulele is certainly an instrument that can be played without a pick because of it’s soft nylon strings, however, it still hurts our beginners to strum quickly across four nylon strings. We just want our students to feel successful when they are playing so I would recommend felt picks. Ukuleles can be played with guitar picks but it tends to make the tone sound “tinny” instead of the soft tone that we are used to hearing when we hear IZ play and sing “Over the Rainbow”

Fender 351 Shape Premium Heavy picks 12 pack
Heavy picks are really our Teacher Recommended purchase because the pick is strong it resists the string, which allows for a stronger and more precise attack on the string. When playing, it will produce a cleaner, louder tone. The thinner the pick, the more likely you are to hear the pick bending as it attacks the strings or the thin picks have been known to break!

Although there are several options with size, shape, material, and thickness. You can not go wrong with the above options as a beginner. At some point you may start to play a different style of music and may require different pick shape, thickness according to the style you are playing,

…..but that is a whole new blog altogether.